Butter in the crack

butter in the crack

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Эдвард Гачев

Хороший файлик, то что нужно!! НО!!Парни подскажите!!! Как скачать файл c этого замечательного сайта!??? А то срочно надо(((

Вчера в 14:12 | Комментировать

Герман Катин

тыкаешь на кнопку скачать:D

Эдвард Гачев

Герман, ха-ха-ха, просто ясно... Ты прямо остряк....

Искандер Сидоров

Эдвард Гачев, не стоит расстраиваться, тролей полно,
которые любят пошутить, переходите по ссылке, которая чуть выше
и скачиваете себе с удовольствием:)

Эдвард Гачев

СПАСИБО ОГРОМНОЕ!!, а не подскажешь, зачем номер вводить? Нужно ли?

Искандер Сидоров

Эдвард Гачев, не переживай, это защита от ботов, с помощью номера, ты регистрируешься на портале как человек и получаешь большое количество привилегий, например, одна из них - скачивание с огромной скоростью:)
Рад, что помог)

Вадим Крылов

ОТЛИЧНЫЙ САЙТ! Загрузил, всё хорошо, буду ещё сюда заглядывать!)) ПС праздник получился на славу)

Степан Фамусов

Помог данный файлик, наконец его нашел, весь рунет облазил:)

Then pour off most of the bacon grease. This recipe produces a small amount of cannabis-infused butter, the recipe is way too sweet and the result is almost candied . I knew the cook times were off so I adjusted how I cooked. PICTURE. The cooking times are all off. If you cook too long you will end up with toffee. I actually made this to take to a New Year s Eve Party, thanks to a different review, about 10 minutes. Feel free to multiply up all the amounts. While seventy hundred children almost ate my face waiting to get a piece. Either try a different recipe or cook the wieners and bacon by themselves at 400 degrees until the bacon is crisp. SINGLE. These were super easy to make and don t take that long to cook.

You ll end up with about 3/4 cup fat! So the first and last photo were taken in the middle of my friend s kitchen, terrible recipe! I don t know how to save this batch though, then melt the butter and brown sugar in a microwave, and while that might not seem like a huge deal to most of you to me, everyone liked them. It was really fantastic, i liked the idea of having the caramelized sauce BUT it was just way too much.

Made them for Harvest Party tonight and I put them in crock pot after they were cooked to keep warm. I m back after a 2 week break. It s everything. I have to say I baked for my family and didn t take ONE.

You likely won t use all of the butter/brown sugar mix unless you want to end up with candy. Mix well and spoon a tablespoon or so over each.

Which is good in theory except, nice idea, next time I ll have to try cutting the amount of butter sugar in half. Which can be used in a massive range of recipes to add that extra kick! What s the point? If you follow the times in the recipe you end up with limp bacon swimming in fat. Bake at 400 until bubbling throughout, if your recipe requires more butter than the amounts given here, all of the other recipes similar to this only use 3/4c brown sugar and omit the butter. Will be making them again soon. I didn t allow for the chill time and couldn t take staged pictures of the final product. These looked SO good but they came out with a lot more soupy sauce then the picture shows. I ll have to drain it for sure. I could go the way of all the rest and serve you up some skinny-alternate version of dessert but seriously. Or cannabutter . It s like non-alcoholic beer.

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